(SUP)port Justice hosts week of events to fight famine

COLLEGIAN: October 25, 2011

By Daniel Murphy

As an unforgiving famine rages on in East Africa, students now have the chance to make a difference right from campus.  The 5 Days to Fight Famine event, organized by the (SUP)port Justice club, gives students a chance to learn about the realities and hard truths that are affecting thousands.

This week a series of daily events from 11:30-1:30 in Oliver Hall will be available for the campus community to meet and become involved with (SUP)port Justice.  Students can pledge to eat simple meals of rice and beans, and even those with meal plans can participate.

In collaboration with Slow Food, students can gain information on access to healthy foods this Wednesday.  On Thursday “Tough Talks,” a student lead forum on food issues, will take place from 6:30 to 7:30 in Dante 204 and is open to anyone interested.

Brian Shaw, co-founder of (SUP)port Justice and this week’s event, says he wants students to gain an understanding and new perspective of the deadly shortage of food that is often overlooked.

“One child dies every six minutes from hunger,” said Shaw, recounting some of the most poignant statistics he associates with his event.  “Thirteen million people are being affected by famine in East Africa.”

Shaw and (SUP)port Justice alike hope that through their efforts and displays, students and the community will begin to realize that there are people that desperately in need of help and that any small gesture will not be ignored.

“I want to give people an idea of a visual representation of what is really going on and [allow them to] wrap [their] head around it,” said Shaw.  “Thirty thousand children have been killed in 3 months due to hunger.”

Throughout the week, Shaw invites anyone concerned to sign a petition to motivate the government to end the famine plaguing Somalia and other East African nations.  (SUP)port Justice asks those who wish to donate money to visit unicefusa.org and click ‘Donate’.

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