Final exam

Final Exam study guide (from readings and lectures)

A lead story about a city councilman owing back taxes fulfills what main goal of a news organization? P 18

What makes a story interesting to readers? Study the values of the ‘impact’ test. P19

Give an example of a story with the value of prominence. P19

In week five of SMC Today, what values (in the impact test) were satisfied in the lead    story on   parking fees and possible unionization? P19

What are five things every reporter needs to remember about readers? P21

Readers are in a hurry. In general terms, what kind of writing attracts their attention? P21

Readers want stories that connect to them personally. As you write a story on parking fees at SMC, what is your general focus? P21

Readers have short attention spans. Knowing this, how should you approach writing your story? P21

In the 5 Ws, what are the functions of the ‘what’ and ‘who’? P38

What can you do with story shape and structure to keep readers from getting bored? P50,51

What do sources provide for your story? What are the most common types of sources? How can you tell if a source is reliable? P71

What does it mean to attribute something to a source? What are some examples of attribution?  P71 

What punishment do reporters face for fabricating a story? What is the best defense for libel? P144

What is the first amendment? What does ‘fair comment and criticism’ allow journalists to do? P140

What are some helpful tips for writing successful features? P121

What are five reasons to hit the delete key? P53

What purpose does the inverted pyramid serve? P40

What kind a news is best written in inverted pyramid style? P41

What are the eight leads that succeed? P46,47

What are the offenses outlined in a reporters guide to trouble and how can they be avoided ? P143


What did you learn from 5 weeks of SMC TODAY and the textbook? P186

What were some of the tips Tim O’Rourke and the textbook shared about providing content for a digital newsroom like  Also p172

What did Candice Nguyen, Frank Somerville and the textbook teach you about TV journalism? P188

What was Audrey Cooper referring to when she mentioned news deserts? Notes

What was Frank Somerville’s biggest concern about news consumption? Notes

What did Wendy Tokuda teach you about documentary production? Notes

What did Stan Bunger teach you about the jobs of a radio news anchor? Notes