The total number of points available this class, including extra credit is 109 points. Here is the breakdown:

91 –109 A; 83 – 90 B; 73 – 82 C; 64 – 72 D; 0 – 63 – F.

                   Here is the breakdown for class assignments, exams and extra-credit and the point value of each:


Class participation and daily assignments 15%

3 quizzes: 5% each for 15% total

Darker Shades of Red feature 5%

Fake News speaker article  5%

5 Guest recaps 5% each for 25% total

5 segments SMC Today 5% each for 25%

Final Exam 10%


Extra Credit – Any articles/photos you’ve written that appear in the school newspaper The Collegian will be awarded extra credit.

Important note: Deadlines are critical in journalism. Late work (without approved excuse) loses 2 points per day. There will be no make-up quizzes or final exam without approved written excuse.

Grading for Audrey Cooper article:

2 points for a lead with The Who, what, where and when, along with an important point.

2 points for quotes, facts and important details, avoiding spelling and grammar errors, redundancies, first person voice and cheerleading.

1 point for multimedia, Including embedded links and photo with caption and photo credit.



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