The ‘Bold Type’as an Empowering, Feminist TV Show

By Aubrie McKeever | Collegian Staff Writer

The Bold Type”, which premiered on Freeform last summer, is a television show that encourages women to be bold in both their personal and professional work lives while educating viewers about intersectional feminism. The plot follows the relationship between Jane, Kat, and Sutton, three friends who live in New York City and work at a magazine. It reminds me of a younger version of Sex and the City, as it deals with the relationship between three best friends navigating New York City while they explore their different love lives, share secrets with one another, and balance work with their personal lives.

The aspect of this show that I love the most is how empowering it is for women, particularly for women in their twenties. While the media often portrays women as competing against one another or expressing jealousy towards each other, this show depicts the power of female friendship. The three main characters help each other from work complications, to fashion choices, to dating advice. At one point, Kat and Jane encouraged Sutton to quit her unhappy job as a personal assistant in order to pursue her dream in fashion. Her friends believed in her even when she didn’t believe in herself and, although it was a risky decision to leave a stable position as an assistant, her friends lifted her up by reminding her of her talent. The characters in the series are good role models of how women can have positive relationships and also be successful in their work lives. Moreover, the characters in the show represent female leadership. Afterall, the boss in the show is not only a woman, but a great mentor for the main characters.

“The Bold Type” is not only an empowering show about women in the workplace, but it also portrays intersectional feminism, which is a movement of feminism to advocate for the rights of women from all different backgrounds. Adena is the most relevant representation of intersectional feminism, as she consists of four marginalized identities: Middle Eastern, Muslim, lesbian, and undocumented. It is important to showcase intersectional feminism on television so that viewers from diverse backgrounds have feminist role models to look up to. Moreover, it is important for people to know that a feminist does not look one certain way because feminists come from many different backgrounds. This show not only deals with feminism, but it also touches on racism and Islamophobia. At one point when Adena and her girlfriend Kat were on a date, a man yelled, “Go back to your country!” Kat confronts the man, after which she gets arrested and Adena runs away before the police can catch her. Kat later questions Adena’s morality for running away, but Adena explains that she faces a higher risk of deportation if the police find her since she is Muslim, lesbian, and undocumented. The show addresses how Adena and Kat are both oppressed because of their identities, but it plays different roles within their lives.

Not only are there relevant political issues discussed in the show, but there are also day to day social encounters that everyone can relate to. It is not only relateable for minorities, but it is also educational for those who do not have the same experiences. Therefore, “The Bold Type” is a really inspiring show that I think young women in particular should watch.

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