“The Bachelor” finale shocks fans with a heartbreaking twist and announcement


By Aubrie McKeever | Collegian Staff Writer

This past week, millions of Americans waited to see who Arie Luyendyk Jr., the current Bachelor of this season, would propose to. Would it be Becca, the more logical choice and the one he seems to have more of a connection with?  Or would it be Lauren, the girl he can’t have full conversations with, yet says he has an unexplainable connection with? I waited with bated breath as I watched the shocking twist of The Bachelor finale, followed by the “After the Final Rose” interviews.

It was clear that Arie was conflicted about his decision on proposal day as he went back and forth with both girls, even going as far as to tell both that he loved them. It was heartbreaking to see that both Lauren and Becca were so confident going into the day—each one thinking she would be proposed to.

In the end, Arie sent Lauren home in tears and proposed to Becca.

I was so hopeful for the couple as I watched the proposal and saw the excitement on Becca’s face. However, fans knew that the happy ending would not last long, as social media spoilers claimed that Arie would choose Becca then break up with her to return to Lauren. Viewers also got a glimpse from the “Women Tell All” featurette where Caroline Lunny, Bachelor contestant and Becca’s close friend, called Arie out and said, “I know what you did, and I don’t know how you could do that.”

As the show continued, the fans got to see what life was like after the show for the happy couple as they made pizza, laid in a hammock together, and were all smiles for the camera. But that didn’t last for long. I knew a breakup was about to happen as soon as I realized there was still one hour left of the finale, which usually doesn’t happen.

The intense breakup scene was uncensored footage, meaning there were no cuts and the full thirty minutes of the breakup was shot in real time. “It is the first completely unedited scene in reality TV history,” said host Chris Harrison. It showed the raw emotion of this breakup, and the audience got to see what truly happened.

Arie went to see Becca at the secret hideaway house in Los Angeles, where the couple lived for some time after the show aired. Meanwhile, Becca spoke to the camera about how happy she was and how she couldn’t wait to plan a future with Arie.

Once Arie knocked on the door, I could feel my heart beating as I knew poor Becca was about to have her heart crushed. It was gut wrenching to see how Becca was so happy to see Arie, but the whole audience watching knew that something bad was about to happen.

Once they sat down on the couch, Arie told Becca he still had feelings for Lauren. Though Becca was upset, Arie stuck around there for a very long time (too long in my opinion) even though Becca asked him to leave multiple times.

It was a brutal Bachelor breakup, and as a long-time Bachelor fan who has seen ten seasons of this show, I thought that this was the hardest breakup I have ever witnessed. Becca was completely blindsided, and my heart went out to her.

During the break up, she stated “I feel like my future was just ripped away from me,” as Arie just sat there watching her cry on the couch. After Arie finally left the house, he went to Virginia Beach where Lauren lived, to beg her to take him back. She said yes.

During “After the Final Rose,” I was ecstatic to find out that Becca was announced as the Bachelorette, meaning she will take part in the next season of the show. Arie proposed to his runner up, Lauren, and she happily said yes. However, it was very awkward since the audience wasn’t sure whether to clap or not because they were still getting over the fact he had broken up with Becca.

In the end, everyone got a happy ending: Arie ended up with Lauren, and Becca got a second chance at love by becoming the next Bachelorette. I wish Arie and Lauren the best as I know they will be facing a lot of scrutiny by the media. Of course, Becca had her heart broken, but Arie ultimately admitted his mistake and took full ownership.

As fans, we like to judge what we watch on television, but right now America just needs to move on and let the happy couple live their lives. Ultimately, that’s what the goal of the Bachelor is: to help people find their “forever love,” no matter the consequences.

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