Memorial Service held Thursday for Brother Clarence Schenk

SMCA1406MZ_054_DIG copy_0By Maddi Larsen

MORAGA – The chapel was dimly lit, and the altar had been rearranged so that the microphone sat in the center among some strategically placed church candles. Brother Martin Yribarren played the organ as students, faculty, staff, and friends alike made their way into the building grabbing songbook, program, prayer card on the way. 

Last Thursday, Saint Mary’s College of California held a memorial Service for one of their own, Brother Clarence Schenk, who passed away last month. While the Christian Brother’s and the school already had a funeral service for him, up at Mount LaSalle in Napa, California, the school decided to have a memorial service so students and faculty and staff could be involved as well.

Brother Clarence was well known for his Movie Theater, which he kept at an old parlor in the Brother’s living quarters. With a sign right outside of the doors, as well as a movie theater sign in Saint Mary’s dining hall, Brother Clarence enjoyed showing his movies to the student population. As a retired communication professor at the college, he still wanted to share the teachings of the field as well as what he was truly passionate about.

“Clarence often preached the gospel and social justice through his choice of films. For Clarence, it was a work of love.” Said Br, Michael Meister in his eulogy.

During the service, Diego Rios, the Associated Students Student Body President declared that he will do his best to have the Brother Clarence’s Theater remain a theater in memory of Brother Clarence. So even in passing, his passion for the media and movies can live on in the lives of the students at Saint Mary’s College.

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