Senior Orientation: What you may have missed and want to remember.

By Gabrielle Des Georges

COLLEGIAN: September 16, 2013

We have all seen them (and probably ignored many), but the plethora of emails from the Career Center have information that should not be ignored. Students who attended Senior Orientation last week now have a face to the name that is always popping up in their emails. Victoria Davis and the others at the Career Center work very hard to ensure that Saint Mary’s students are well prepared to take on the remainder of their college career as well as assemble each individual for a successful future.

The students of Saint Mary’s are fortunate enough to have a resource center and career councilors that encourage every person to come in for advice and guidance on issues such as resumes, interviews, internships, graduate school, or pretty much any assistance related to setting up a rewarding future. For the seniors who were not able to attend the orientation, a follow up email was sent out with all of the handouts that students received at the meeting. Here are some important things to remember:

*On campus interviews are held twice a year, but students must have their resumes approved as well as attend an interview workshop in order to participate.

*September 25th is the senior resume deadline as well as the first day to sign up for on campus interviews.

*Students should update their GaeLink every year.

*Be certain that you have fulfilled all of Saint Mary’s academic requirements. (Only 73% of last year’s class had them finished by graduation!)

*The Career and Internship Fair is held on October 2nd.

*Dine With The Alums on November 6th.

Don’t be that student who graduates and has no idea what the next step is. So, next time you see Victoria Davis’ name pop up, make sure you open it and reap the benefits of being a senior.

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