Saint Mary’s goes Green

COLLEGIAN: December 7, 2011

By Elizabeth Novotny

Students on the Saint Mary’s campus might be surprised to know there is a club devoted to keeping our campus and community as green and sustainable as possible. It’s called Project Green.

Some of you may remember their largest annual event; Flip The Switch. It’s a contest between dorms held in the spring. The amount of energy used in each dorm is monitored for one week to see which one can use the least amount of resources per person in their dorm. The main goal, says club Co-President senior Lindsay Fukui, is to spread awareness of ways to be green on campus.   

The club, which has been around for the last five years, has become more visible on campus this last semester. This week they helped facilitate the Tap In event regarding the quality of the tap water on the Saint Mary’s campus. They also hold bi weekly meetings, volunteer weekly at the Legacy Garden and the farmers market during the barbeque. Two of the board members also work with the sustainability committee on campus.

The board currently consists of seven officers, five of which are freshman. Fukui says she thinks this is a representation of change in generations, even over a short four year span.

One of the most interesting projects they support is the bio-digester in Oliver Hall. Most students don’t know this but you are actually supposed to leave your food scraps on your plate. The kitchen staff then loads up the scraps which are transported to a bio-digester in Oakland. The digester creates nutrient rich fertilizer and is a renewable source of both electrical and heat energy.

Thinking of getting involved with Project Green? Besides doing your part to recycle, conserve energy and collect food scraps you can attend meetings and help volunteer on campus.

Project Green sends out emails educating and informing students of ways they can improve their lives and the campus. The list is large and there are a lot of students interested in the concept says Fukui but the biggest obstacle is getting students actively involved with what is already happening on our campus.

Contact Project Green on their facebook page where you can also find more information on how to Green your dorm or at

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