What It Means to be an NBA Fan This Season

COLLEGIAN: November 1, 2011

By Joshua Mandell

The only positive outcome of the 2011-2012 NBA lock out is that the Warriors can’t have a losing season.  Besides that, the positives are slim to none.  Personally, I look forward to the NBA season year after year.  It brings an exciting atmosphere to the world of sports with highflying dunks and buzzer beaters that top Sportscenter’s highlights daily. 

As a Golden State Warrior’s fan, although it is unrealistic, every year the team is talked up to be a potential contender in the league.  I look forward to this because I lead myself on to believe this same false hype.  This year, there is no hype.  I have no reason to sport my retro jersey, or talk mess to my friends who support the Lakers.

I daily check the Sportscenter application on my Droid to see whom the Warriors would have been playing this week if it weren’t for a lockout.  My need to see professional basketball is getting desperate.  I even considered purchasing an online television package so I could watch European professional basketball leagues…Oy vey.

The players and owners simply cannot come to an agreement.  Who is going to make more millions this year?  The most comical aspect of the whole situation is that representatives from both sides of the argument express “great sympathy” to the fans.  If they really cared about the fans one of the sides would modestly take a mere one million dollar drop in annual salary.  So what if they won’t be able to buy an extra Maserati for their 25-car garage?  If the lockout continues for the duration for the season, their pay cuts will be far more then one million.

This lockout, however, could be a blessing for collegiate hoops.  Without the attraction of NBA games, the next highest level of domestic basketball is NCAA Division 1.  As desperate fans such as myself search to feed our addiction, many will look towards colleges to provide this.  College sports stand for a message of “play for the love of the game.”  Hopefully this message will relay to our money driven celebrities who apparently are not making enough money to play this season.

At Saint Mary’s, I would expect an increase in fan attendance, and consistently sold out games.  This will not only enhance revenue, but also shine a bigger spotlight on SMC.

As our last morsel of hope slowly slips away, basketball fans nationally find themselves praying for a shortened season.  If this could potentially happen, the season would start after Christmas.  The chances are slim to none, unfortunately.  Perhaps this is an opportunity for American NBA fans to become cultured in other sports; cricket anyone?

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