Chauncey Bailey Project’s Thomas Peele Kicks off Guest Speaker Series


    If you kill one reporter, 20 reporters are going to show up and finish that reporter’s work – Thomas Peele.

Veteran investigative reporter Thomas Peele spun a tale of murder and corruption in Tuesday’s American Journalism class. Here are excerpts from some of our student blogs:

I learned from Thomas Peele that it is important to take risks in journalism.  It is crucial that we let our passion speak through our writing, and that we give a voice to those who need it.  Peele is an inspiration to all student journalists, and we could all benefit from his tenacity, courage, and eloquent delivery of justice to a fellow journalist struck down for pursuing his free speech rights.

It really was amazing to hear such descriptive information about the Chauncey Bailey Project from Peele.  I had heard about it on the local news and in newspapers for years, but having Peele in the classroom really gave me a new perspective on what really went on and what investigative reporting really requires to be successful.  I learned that you must have a unique drive to devote so much time to acquiring information that might not be easily accessible.

-Journalist are just as important to a community as other heroes such as cops and firefighters. The public needs to know what is going on in their community and if a journalist helps to expose a criminal and get him caught, he is just as much of a hero as the cop who arrests a criminal and throws him in jail. If it wasn’t for journalist like Bailey and Peele, criminals like Bey IV could be walking around free right now.

Since the story, Peele has written a book on the Chauncey Bailey case. I find it amazing that he can be so brave after seeing what happened to his fellow journalist when he got involved with the case.

-I found it fascinating how a community of journalists came together to finish Bailey’s project. Also make sure that justice would be served on behalf of Bailey. To me this shows that journalism isn’t just a job, journalists are a community.

-Peele greatly inspired me to learn more about criminal investigation. I got a feeling of adrenaline when he was retelling his story to the class. I realized to be a good journalist you need to be a good storyteller. Peele was an awesome storyteller!

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